Data Insight: Full Management Oversight

From monitoring day-to-day activity to analysing trends over specified time periods - our software means you'll know your operation inside out.

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Alerts Panel

  • Park IT's system will tell you if a car has been incorrectly parked, if your site is reaching capacity or when staff coverage is low
  • Receive alerts as soon as the system detects an issue - helping you react to situations before they become a problem
  • Alerts can be viewed on the desktop panel or be sent straight to mobile devices - keeping your team in control at all times


  • Park IT features a comprehensive reporting suite, showing everything from staff activity to expected arrivals and departures
  • Information within the system is displayed in a clear, user friendly way - allowing a complete overview or detailed analysis of specific areas
  • All activity on your site is logged in real-time and stored within Park IT's software for future access

Staff Movements

Knowing where your employees are at any time means that you can allocate tasks more efficiently
Tracking software helps you monitor staff coverage - across your full site or in specific areas
Better organisation of your employees helps your monitor performance, creates efficiency and improves job satisfaction

Log Car Movements

  • Vehicle tracking allows staff to easily find cars when they need to be moved - for collection or for valeting
  • Monitor parking areas that are reaching capacity and reallocate vehicles - with complete oversight on all movements
  • All tracking data is stored within the app and can used for future strategic planning, auditing and performance evaluation

Check In / Check Out

  • Monitor advance bookings and on-site check-ins to gain insight into real-time capacity and ongoing trends
  • Tracking at every stage of the process allows you full insight into the customer parking experience and any areas for improving efficiency
  • Use data collected at check in/out to gain an insight into customer behaviour

Customer Issue Reports

  • Customer complaints can be logged by any staff member through the mobile app - with all forms feeding back to the central system
  • View individual complaints, as well as corresponding information such as vehicle condition reports, all from one user-friendly dashboard
  • Compile customer issue reports over time and analyse data to identify areas for improvement within your operation

ANPR Cameras

  • Automatic Numberplate Recognition cameras allow us to record high definition images of every vehicle that drives onto your site
  • Cameras also capture 360° images of vehicles as they pass checkpoints - so you can monitor condition at every stage
  • All imagery taken by ANPR cameras is uploaded via the cloud and stored against the vehicle registration for quick and easy review