How To Add Value To Your Airport Car Parking Service



When customers leave their cars somewhere for a long stretch, they want to feel confident that everything is under control. A good experience will prompt people to return to your airport car park again, and recommend the service to others.

We know the importance of customer satisfaction, which is why Park-IT work with our clients to add value to our automated parking solutions. By exploring 'bolt-on' choices and ways to enhance your service offering, you can get people talking about your car park for the right reasons. Here are just a few of them…

Key lockers

Poor organisation can make anyone frustrated. Keys, in particular, are a constant victim: where they are, whose they are, and how they're catalogued for quick retrieval. Instead of relying on haphazard processes for key storage, incorporate dedicated lockers into your parking provisions. Trust us – the difference is immense.

This is chiefly down to the fact that every driver will have their key in a secure, personal space, which only they can access. It removes fear of tampering or losing the whole bunch, and negates the requirement for staff that are merely there to distribute sets over a counter.

self service kiosks

Self-service kiosks

Similarly, self-service machines can save time and staffing costs. Customers just have to fill in their booking details and navigate the intuitive UI to check in their vehicle to your car park.

Customers will respond to this, appreciating how you've made the whole system so convenient. These kiosks can also offer an opportunity to upsell other value-added services, like the following ideas…

valet parking service

A valet service

Something you may want to consider is a valet, leaving vehicles spic and span ready for their owners. Wax cleaning; hoovering; leather conditioning; soaping the spokes of a wheel… there are many ways to give a car some aesthetic attention. Offer the valet package if someone is staying for more than a couple of days, as an optional extra.

Airport pick-up

For added convenience, you could offer a pick-up service, where a team member delivers the car to the arrival gates on your customer's return. This saves the journey back to the car park, which can be a godsend for anyone arriving in the middle of the night.

shuttle bus service

Shuttle bus service

However, if your car park is located a drive away from the airport terminal, you might want to consider a complimentary shuttle bus service. Our bus bolt-on service allows you to easily manage your transport provisions, adding value to your car park without unnecessary hassle.

All in all, airport parking facilities can only net positives from these changes which, one at a time, build trust between you and your clientele. The Park-IT app and its associated extras contribute to the profitability and reputation of your site, so see what our core systems have to give to your operation, and get in touch with us today to find out more.