Auditability System

The Park-IT system we give you the opportunity to audit your car park.

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Key & Car Audits

  • All actions on the Park IT system are fully traceable, allowing you to audit every stage of your operation
  • Users have full visibility of who's handled keys, when and where a vehicle car was moved, and any issues while the owner was away

Check In / Out

  • ANPR cameras will deliver a personalised greeting message to your customers upon check in
  • Park IT's ANPR camera will then automatically cross reference the system for active bookings
  • If the customer has a registered booking then the barrier will automatically open

Customer Signatures

  • All customers using the Park IT system sign a digital contract when booking
  • Operators are given permission to control customer car movements during the contracted period
  • Digital signatures are stored within Park IT's system so they can be referred to in the event of any issues


  • As part of the Park IT system - each receipt features a barcode which will allow the customer to simply scan & locate their car, by use of the Kiosk
  • This process will ensure there are no delays or confusions when informing customers of their car location
  • As well as providing greater efficiency for the process of checking out

Customer Issue Reports

  • ANPR cameras are used on entry and exit to the car park to provide images of the vehicle condition
  • Park IT's comprehensive reporting suite shows everything from staff activity to expected arrivals and departures
  • All activity on your site is logged in real-time and stored within Park IT's software for future access