Self Service Kiosks

Park IT's fully automated self-service kiosks make parking quick and simple, while reducing queues and staff costs

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How can self-service kiosks streamline your business?

Park-IT Kiosks

  • Fully automated check in/out and key collection allows customers complete control of their experience
  • Main and additional screens provide opportunities for upselling add-on services such as valeting or 'meet & greet'
  • Kiosks can be operated unmanned to reduce staff costs, or used in conjunction with staff for premium customer service

Key Dispensing

Customers check in and receive a unique barcode to attach to their keys before depositing them at a specified key-drop box
Customers scan the matching barcode at the key collection locker when checking out and keys are dispensed for collection with directions to their car
Key lockers are laid out in a carousel-style to provide multiple points key collection - keeps traffic moving & reduces bottlenecks

Key Lockers

  • Dual access lockers effectively split the queue in two, meaning less waiting time and a stress-free experience for customers
  • Park IT's custom-made lockers are safe and secure, with strengthened electronic doors to provide maximum security and peace of mind
  • Lockers are electronically linked to the Park IT app, allowing you to track key movements at all times

Check In / Check Out

  • Kiosks are installed with chip & pin, coin dispensers and banknote recognition systems, giving customers the choice of how to pay
  • The kiosks feature user-friendly touchscreens, providing a simple process that improves the customer experience
  • Park IT's fully automated process is proven to reduce both check in/out time and queues

Bus Bolt On

  • Airport bus transfer services can be integrated with Park IT's core system' 'Bus tickets can be printed at self-service kiosks as part of the check in process and are validated on board the bus
  • Integration with the app allows you to see how many passengers use the bus service and track journeys